Wednesday, March 5, 2008


We have a Crow Problem in Terre Haute. Probably because this city generates a warmth that is singular for many miles around, and because there's food for them here (I think we also have a Garbage/Trash Problem....)
I happen to love Crows - there is a powerful, mystical energy associated with them. However, I do not live in one of the neighborhoods that has become a roost to hundreds at a time. I would likely feel a bit differently.
In any case, the Crows were not cooperative in my trying to get a picture of them the other day. This is a tiny, enlarged section of a picture I took from a distance.

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Maverick said...

Hey. I don't mean to sound like a hard-ass or anything but Crows could never be a problem. Like gulls and other scavengers - they clean things up. Without them...things would be even more filthy thanks to humans. As for not being able to get a picture...did you ask their permission before tying? If not - I suggest you do and see what they say. You'd be surprised what might happen or perhaps you're just not meant to take their photo at this time. I'm completely serious. Take care.