Sunday, February 24, 2008

Dawn - rosy fingers, etc.

Taken 02/21/2008 - View from my back porch on the near east side of Terre Haute.

Winter storm warnings for later in the day (and the ensuing nasty snow/sleet/ice event) make this picture supporting evidence for the truth in the old adage:
"Red sky at night, sailors' delight / Red sky in morning, sailors' warning."


TOG said...

Welcome to city daily photo. I hope you will enjoy it as most of us do. I answered your comment on my blog, but I'll repeat it here.
Zann if there is any Coral Gables picture that you would like me to take I would be pleased to put it on my blog.
We are both retired, but my wife teaches an art class at Gables High for adults interested in painting.

Denton said...

Lovely photo. The colors are very vivid ... Welcome to the City Daily Photo community and greetings from Greenville, SC (USA).

Jana said...

Welome to the Daily City Photo Blogs! What a great sunset, really deep colors.